Sri Lanka & Myanmar – Day6 [30.11.2016]

2nd day in Myanmar and going to Bagan. I had breakfast at the restaurant in the hotel. There are some options and I chose shan noodle, which tasted good.

Breakfast – shan noodle
I left hotel at 9 am and went to the airport. Although it took more than half an hour from the airport to the hotel yesterday, it only took 15 minutes to go to the airport from the hotel without traffic.

The domestic airport was very small. When I checked in, the staff wrote my seat number on my boarding pass and other guy came and collected my luggage manually. My flight operated by Air KBZ which I had never heard before, and I took off at 10 am. The fare was USD 96. I didn’t expect anything for their service on board, but they served a meal which was good.

Small meal on the board
I reached at Bagan at 11:20 am. There was more surprises for me that the airport is more manual like staffs discharge luggages by themself from the plane and deliver directly to the passenger who is waiting at the terminal.

After I got mine, I went out to arrival area and I paid USD 25 for Bagan archaeological entrance fee. This is mandatory and sometimes you will be asked to show this card. Driver picked me up at the airport and drove about 20 minutes to the hotel.

Once I reached hotel around 12 noon, I was so amazed at the hotel and surroundings.

I was in love with this view
I stayed 2 nights at Bagan Thiripyitsaya Sanctuary Resort… booked through my friend and the rate was USD 200 per night including breakfast. I chose Delux river view room but my friend kindly upgraded to river view suites.

My room
My room is on the 1st floor in the lodge and the view was awesome.

My lodge
The river is in the front and the lodge was surrounded by beautiful and well maintained greenery.

Beautiful view from the terrace
I arranged sightseeing tour with Japanese speaking guide in horse cart at the hotel and left at 2 pm. The fee for 3 hours was USD 60 in total, USD 30 for horse cart and 30 for a guide.

At the beginning of the tour
First, I went to Shwesandaw Pagoda. This is a big pagoda and one of which we can go up.

Shwesandaw Pagoda
When I saw the thousands of pagodas from the top, I felt this is the view I wanted to see and I’m glad to be here.

Thousands of pagoda
I was afraid of damages on pagoda due to earthquake in August 2016, there were damages but not much as I expected.

On the way to Dhammayangyi Temple
Next, I visited Dhammayangyi Temple. I went to inside and walked around.

Unique statues that Buddha sit next each other
This guy was selling his painting in the temple
One of the gate in the temple
This temple was not completed since the king was assassinated before the completion.

Dhammayangyi Temple
Then, I went to Anand Temple that was built in 11th century.

Anand Temple
Even small spots have Buddha
Not only this temple but also many pagoda in Bagan were built in 10-13th century. I passed through old gate in Bagan which is only exsinitng.

Old gate
I stopped by Mahabodhi Temple, Indian style temple and then Bu Phayar which is by the river.

Mahabodhi Temple
Bu Phayar
On the way back to hotel, I quickly visited Gawdawpalin Temple.

Gawdawpalin Temple
I came back to hotel at 5 pm.­­ I was pretty much satisfied with this tour that the guide has plenty knowledge of Bagan and I could try house cart ride.

I was expecting to see sunset, but it was concealed by clouds in last minutes..

Sunset time
I had dinner while drinking cocktails at the hotel. They had Asian and Western food and I tried salad, original curry and drinks like pina corada. All the food and drink tasted very good.

Night view
I went back to my room after dinner and slept early to wake up early next day…


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