Sri Lanka & Myanmar – Day7 [1.12.2016]

I woke up very early in the morning and left hotel for Shwesandaw Pagoda at 5:30 am to see sunrise. I rented a bicycle from my hotel and rode it along the street in the dark. It costs USD 5 for 4 hours but luckily I could rent it for free of charge whole day.

Bagan is not developed at all and it’s like a village. There are some lights on the street but these are not enough and still it was very dark. I thought I was heading to right direction, after 15 minutes I realised I’m not right. Then I rode a bike as fast as I could before 6 am to be in time for sunrise and finally I reached Shwesandaw Pagoda.

View from Shwesandaw Pagoda before sunrise
There are already many people waiting for sunrise and I tried to find a spot to take nice pictures. So I climbed pagoda a bit to avoid people in my photo. The combination of all pagoda, sunrise and hot-air balloon made the view fantastic.

This is Bagan
Actually I was interested in hot-air balloon but my friend advised me that it cost USD 400 per person though it used to be USD 100 4 years ago. I would pay up to USD 200, but USD 400 is too much and I didn’t try. But the view form the top of pagoda was beautiful enough.

I went back to hotel around 7 am and had breakfast. After I had a short break, I went out again to explore with bicycle around 11 am.

There are a lot of pagodas in Bagan regardless these are small, big, and famous and all were built in 11th century. I visited small pagodas near hotel, then Thatbyinnyu temple.

Thatbyinnyu temple
I had lunch at The Moon Vegetarian Restaurant. I found this restaurant in TripAdvisor has good reviews, so I decided to try. The place was full of tourists and the food was very good.

The Moon Vegetarian Restaurant

After lunch, I rode bicycle for 15 minutes to go to Htilominlo temple.

Htilominlo temple
It was a big temple and there were small souvenir shops around the temple. I bought some for my family. Now I know their price was very reasonable since I found exactly same things at the airport and the price was more than double.

In Bagan, most of the roads are not paved with concrete except main road, so my bicycle was like mountain bike. Many tourists rented motor bike but I was scared to try, then I just rented manual bicycle. Although I felt it’s very dusty when I was discovering the village, it’s nice to experience the completely different lifestyle.

I visited Sulamani temple then went back to Hotel to see sunset.

Sulamani temple

I saw sunset while drinking a glass of wine… The sky reflected on the surface of river and the contrast was very beautiful.

Sunset view from the hotel

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