Armenia – Day2 [09.12.2016]

2nd day in Armenia

I left my hotel in Yerevan at 10 am and headed to Garni and Geghard.

There was a view spot which can see Mr. Ararat after 20 minutes’ drive from Yerevan.

Mt. Ararat

I quickly went out from car to take a photo and it was very cold outside like at -4 degrees. It was cold enough for me but I didn’t know at that time I would experience colder weather on that day…

We drove for 50 minutes and reached Garni temple. Garni is only one Hellenism architecture remained in Armenia. The current temple was built in the 19th century and is on the hill surrounded by mountains.

Garni Temple

Next, we drove through mountain witer road for 15 minutes and reached Geghard monastery.

View of Geghard
Geghard monastery

Geghard monastery is one of World Heritage site in Armenia. This is a monastery built in the cave in 13th century.

After I left Geghard, I headed to Lake Sevan. I took 1.5 hours to reach there.

Sevanavank monastery

This lake is located at 1,900m above sea level. When I visited Sevanavank monastery, the temperature was -6.5 degrees with strong wind but I felt it’s much colder than the actual. Although I was almost full covered, wearing thick coat, scarf around my neck, far hat for ears, my uncovered body parts like face was so painful because of coldness.

I heard this place is a resort such many people like Iranians come for their holiday, but there was nobody when I went there.

Lake Sevan

This could be a good place to visit if the weather is good… I don’t recommend visiting there in winter. If you will go in winter, my tips are to cover all body parts properly and keep yourself warm.

Next, I went to the restaurant beside the lake. I ordered fish kebab with Armenian bread, lavash and fried potato for my lunch.


After lunch break, I left Sevan for Yerevan. I noticed a change on the way back to Yerevan that it was getting less snow when I was going further from Sevan. My driver told me that there are good ski resorts around this area.

It took an hour to reach Yerevan by car.

At night, I decided to go to Armenian restaurant to try local food and asked the receptionists of my hotel. They recommended one of restaurant, Tevern Yerevan which is near hotel, 1 minute walk and also told me to book a table in advance. So, I asked them to check availability around 7 pm but it was full and needed to wait. I was waiting in my room and the receptionists led me know once they got a call from the restaurant.

Finally I could go to the restaurant around 9pm, I ordered soup and tolma and both are tasted good…

The temperature in the evening in Yerevan was around 0 degrees or below. It was quite low but I felt much warmer since I’ve experienced worse weather in Sevan…



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